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Meghan McCain’s Adventures in Hyperbole

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Meghan McCain hit the thesaurus hard this week trying to fill a column for the Daily Beast on her bête noire Sarah Palin. The result is an exercise in hyperbole so lazy and puerile that it begins to write itself after the first few lines. Prepare to become stupider:

Unless you have been living under a rock, the complete and total media saturation of every single outlet with all things Sarah Palin, all the time, has hit a proverbial fever pitch these past few weeks.


She is simply everywhere. Her omnipresence and the questions about her future are seeping into any and all conversations even remotely political—and now everything pop cultural, too.

Sarah Palin has become a societal addiction and the media and our whole culture are constantly looking for our next fix.

Wanna run for president?… saturate every entity with tweets and Facebook updates on every conceivable subject. I dare anyone in the news to not report on one of her tweets.

The way she is currently running for president is either sheer genius or ultimate insanity.

Via Jim Treacher.

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August 7th, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Sarah Palin’s Diary of Hate

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As Frank Rich thoughtfully and accurately notes in his column for the New York Times today, Sarah Palin’s rhetoric about “reloading” and “targeting” Democrats in the November elections is a barely-veiled promise to begin literally shooting politicians with actual guns. I spent a little time browsing Sarah Palin’s Facebook page to see whether she is sending any other dangerous messages…

“Code Red“?! Do you know what’s red? The blood of Sarah Palin’s political opponents! Good God, this woman must be stopped!

“Searchlight“? You know what emits light? The flames of a burning cross! Sarah Palin is a murderous segregationist!

“Censorship“? Hmm… Don’t you mean slave ship?! Who will step up and prevent this rightwing hatemonger from reinstituting the slave trade?!

“Fact-checking the Obamacare Summit”? This self-proclaimed “hockey mom” can’t pretend she doesn’t know the violence implicit in “checking!”

Get Organized“? You know who else organized? Hitler! When will you people understand that this woman is a genocidal sociopath determined to destroy everything you know and care about!

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March 29th, 2010 at 8:52 am

KYLE SMITH: Sarah Palin, Weapon Of Mass Distraction

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It is obvious that Palin isn’t going to be the next president. “She doesn’t seem able to articulate the case for conservatism in a manner that is compelling or even particularly persuasive,” former Bush aide Peter Wehner wrote on Commentary’s blog.

We need a candidate with at least some of Palin’s star power, but the candidate must also be able to speak with confidence and depth about any public issue. Much of the time, this means an ability to speak fluent B.S. Palin speaks this language like a tourist frantically thumbing through a phrase book.


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November 23rd, 2009 at 12:46 pm

VDH: “Why Does Palin Create Hysteria?”

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Feminists are enraged that her can-do, have a Down’s Syndrome child in her 40s, shoot-moose persona will be used as a paradigm of a liberated women. She is quite attractive, fertile, and married to a Jack-Armstrong 19th-century man.

Her success as an independent female, who was an up-from-the-bootstraps small-town council member, mayor, state regulator and governor, is antithetical to doctrinaire feminism. The latter devolved into a political and grievance-based creed. It is often whiny, and increasingly dominated by single, childless shrill elites. Many try to equate their own unhappiness in matters of family and sex into some sort of cosmic complaint against male patriarchy — as a way of leveraging influence, access, money, and power or simply justifying now regrettable life choices made in their 20’s and 30’s.

H/T Mike B.


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November 21st, 2009 at 11:07 pm

Who’s afraid of Sarah Palin?

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If Sarah Palin is such an irrelevant, unemployed “Facebooker,” then why am I receiving emails about her from an address that has regularly sent messages directly from, or on behalf of, President Barack Obama?


UPDATE: Atomic Fungus has more.


Written by Moog Rogue

November 21st, 2009 at 10:15 am

VIDEO HORROR: Every MSNBC commenter on Sarah Palin’s book signing is white

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In this clip from MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” the host and two guests fixate on the “monochromatic” racial composition of a Sarah Palin book signing. However, a closer examination of the commenters themselves reveals:

  • Chris Matthews – White
  • Norah O’Donnell – White
  • Joan Walsh – White

How are we supposed to trust MSNBC or believe that this cable news channel represents anything other than a white supremacy hate group?

UPDATE (11/23): And… Ace and Michelle Malkin have made the same joke, only better and broader (to all of MSNBC’s line-up). Is it better to be first or funniest?

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You Betcha!

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I heard Sarah Palin say the word “gubernatorial” on the radio today.

I’m fairly certain that upon the utterance of this word, an adorable baby carebear got his wings and all the lemons in the world turned sweet.

Aw, shucks!


Written by MikeM

November 18th, 2009 at 9:15 pm