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Michael Eric Dyson is a hatefully insecure pseudo-intellectual

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Rapid recital of sesquipedalian synonyms makes your argument seem weak, not strong.

Rapid recital of sesquipedalian synonyms makes an argument seem weak, not strong.

According to Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson, racism in America is both hopelessly inscrutable and insolvable. Evidently racism has so thoroughly imbued our institutions, our culture and our minds that its existence can only be gleaned from amorphous and indeterminate things such as “context,” “atmosphere,” “code words,” and other pseudo-scientific sociomological gobbledygook. (Admittedly, I may not be authorized to level such criticism since I traded my master’s in sociology from Stanford for a can of SpaghettiOs.)

And Michael Eric Dyson would know about code words– he’s a masterful word encoder himself: On the reaction to Jimmy Carter’s claim that racism is motivating criticism of Obama, “he’s been nearly hung in effigy, as Mr. Obama has.” Nearly? I guess “nearly” is a code word for “not” or “never.” Remember President George W. Bush? That guy was actually, not nearly, hung in effigy.

Here’s professor Dyson on NBC’s Today Show talking about Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst:

It amazes me that white Americans are incapable of acknowledging what is before our faces.

That’s awesome stuff. And here’s his analysis of the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, on the Situation Room (CNN):

[Larry Elder] is taking the sergeant’s word for what Gates said… The situation and the context itself suggest some racial possibilities… Professor Gates has the reasonable suspicion that race plays a role here.

OK, so we can’t rely on the sergeant’s word. He is white after all and therefore incapable of acknowledging what is before our faces. But professor Gates is not white, so it seems we are free to draw whatever conclusion we want based on his presumed “reasonable suspicion.” I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the conclusion is “racism!!!” (But possibly with 1-2 more exclamation points.)

It’s a relief that the professor doesn’t pretend to be dealing with “so-called empirically verifiable racism,” because that sounds kind of scientific– and that has no place in a conversation with Michael Eric Dyson.

On Rush Limbaugh’s statements about quarterback Donovan McNabb:

He’s not saying ‘I hate Negroes,’ specifically. What’s he doing is creating an atmosphere of such profound vitriol and hatred and I think denunciation of black people…

Limbaugh is not saying he hates black people specifically. He’s saying that he hates black people generally— perhaps incidentally to his hatred of all things “other.” Who gave Michael Eric Dyson one of our decoder rings? This is really going to mess things up for us.

How insecure is this guy?

  • He has to tell Breitbart, “I’m able to speak articulately.” And moments earlier, he feels the need to recite his academic achievements, just like the equally insecure Keith Olbermann.
  • The subtitle of his book is “The Inspiration, Wisdom and and Insight of Michael Eric Dyson.” I can’t think of anybody else who tries to get away with calling their own writing inspiration, wisdom and insight.

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September 30th, 2009 at 10:12 pm