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LA TIMES: Countdown begins for end of Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown”?

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Remember Keith Olbermann?

He was the one-time must-see anti-Bush ranter who helped rescue MSNBC (yes, it’s still on at night) from even worse oblivion years ago.

Well, quietly last month while no one was looking, hardly anyone was watching Keith Olbermann anymore.

We did a deeper dive into Keith’s viewership:

H/T Matthew G.

UPDATE: I screwed up. Not even Keith Olbermann watches Countdown with Keith Olbermann.


Watch Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman fumble through their own paranoid imaginations for anything to signal racism.

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The Sultan of Smug and Howard Fineman discuss the implications of a Brown win in the Massachusetts Senate race. Olbermann wants so badly to proclaim racism from the solar-paneled rooftops of his progressive fantasy world, but all that he and Fineman are able to come up with is “pick-up trucks are racist” or something.

Ed Morrissey has more.


Democrats Submit 2010 National Platform: “Whatever Keith Olbermann Stands For”

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Keith Olbermann has independently arrived at all the same positions of the Democratic National Platform.

Keith Olbermann has independently arrived at all the same positions of the Democratic National Platform.

In a joint announcement this morning, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) submitted a dramatically simplified 2010 Democratic National Platform: “Whatever Keith Olbermann stands for.”

The new platform replaces a 2008 Democratic National Platform which, at 59 pages, has been described as “verbose” and “too wonkish.”

Remarked Sen. Reid,

It is uncanny how closely Keith Olbermann’s beliefs resemble the official platform of the Democratic Party. I mean, I don’t even know anybody in Congress whose positions so faithfully align with our party. What are the chances that an individual and an organization like ours would achieve such perfect consonance that there is no evidence he has ever disagreed with our party on any issue, ever? It’s a pretty special thing, and that’s why we’ve made it the foundation of our National Platform. Besides, this is a lot easier than writing that thing all over again.

An employee of MSNBC who has worked for “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and who asked not to be named reported that a harried Olbermann– who is yet to comment publicly on the new platform– was last seen Googling “political philosophy” and browsing the Wikipedia page for liberalism.

UPDATE: It is being reported that the Republican Party may be introducing a similar platform, preliminarily titled “Ask Sean Hannity.”