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Condoleeza Rice Not An Omniscient Time-Traveler, Evidently (Thank you, Lawrence O’Donnell!)

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Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on “The Last Word” last night– and although he insisted on the last word (and first word and everything in between)– he deserves credit for his willingness to debate a political opponent. (The same cannot be said of his MSNBC colleagues Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz or the supercilious toad that was terminated in January.)

Nonetheless, O’Donnell quickly succumbed to the popular meme that the Bush administration knew, or should have known, that there were no WMDs in Iraq. He even insisted on taking Rice through the ridiculous exercise of making decisions retroactively with new information:

O’DONNELL: But we now know [Saddam Hussein] wasn’t a threat.

O’DONNELL: — the threat of a mushroom cloud from Saddam Hussein you now know was completely false. Do you regret saying that? Would you take that back if you  could?

O’DONNELL: But all that was wrong. He couldn’t have reconstituted anything in a year. We know — why recite things that we know were wrong and have been proven wrong?

O’DONNELL: When you look at what we now are calling the Arab spring and you look at these uprisings against the dictators in the region, would have been better now — knowing what we all know now, would it have been better to have waited and let history catch up with Saddam Hussein in Iraq? Do you think we might have a similar uprising in Iraq today?

I wonder if Lawrence O’Donnell would have gotten those botox shots if he had known– as he knows now, and we all know now– how ghoulishly waxen his forehead would look.

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