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Jared Lee Loughner was clearly deeply emotionally disturbed. He wasn’t hiding it, and it seems he wouldn’t have been able to.  It is remarkable that his parents evidently took no action to help their son, given that classmates of his on the first day of classes were already intimately aware that there was something wrong with him.  One woman even seemed quite specifically concerned that he was the type of person to go on a shooting rampage.

Guns are like cars, but even safer in the hands of a responsible person. Much like cars, mentally impaired people should not have a loaded weapon in their possession, whether they be drunk, tired, young children, or seriously emotionally disturbed as in the case of the shooter.  This does not mean it’s time for mother government to open the floodgates of regulation.  A kitchen knife, a pistol, a machine gun, an aircraft carrier — none of these things kill by themselves, all require a human operator.  A grenade launcher is perfectly safe in the hands of a responsible user; a pot of boiling water dangerous in the hands of a madman.  Until we can predict criminal behavior and send Tom Cruise out in his hovercraft to arrest the future perpetrators, we have to accept that occassionally, terrible things will happen.

One of the bright spots in the conflagration of calls for gun control and even limits on free speech, was the judgement and discretion showed by an armed citizen who arrived late to the scene of the shooting.  This man, who has a concealed carry license, was across the street when the shooting began, and ran towards the scene to see if he could help.  Evidently he saw a man with a gun (who turned out to be the man who wrested the gun away from the shooter) and elected not to fire because of the uncertainty of the situation and the proximity of the crowd.  Contrary to opinion and speculation in liberal circles, this situation didn’t lead to a Hollywood style Wild West shootout, even in a state where you can openly carry even the really big, liberal-scaring death machines (rifles).  I think this armed citizen showed a good sense of judgement and responsibility typical to people who are familiar with firearms and gun safety.

Of course this doesn’t stop one liberal website from decrying the “tragedy that almost happened“. So, add near-tragedies to the list of things that government should protect us from. No thanks.

I would perhaps support the federal government banning Lee as a middle name. JFK would still be alive…or something.

Don’t think we could lose freedom of speech here in America? In Canada they already have. Of course, it’s only the most vile hate speech…they wont miss it, right?


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January 14th, 2011 at 1:11 am

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