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Lt. Topper Harley requests meeting with Obama over 9/11 cover-up

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I’m glad we’ve got our best man on the case.

I was going to suggest such a meeting would be beneath the office of the President, but didn’t Obama invite somebody from terminally pre-revenue Twitter to advise him on economic policy?

Interesting that Lt. Harley has been silent on the war in Iraq, given his own history in the region:

UPDATE: Greg Gutfeld has more on Topper.

But look, I love Sheen simply being Sheen. He is a man unencumbered by self-awareness. Think about it: The world’s most famous clueless druggie, gambling-addicted whore-banger thinks he’s uncovered a conspiracy – and we should all believe him.

How cute is that?


Written by Whattapundit

September 8th, 2009 at 3:08 pm

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